“Bridging the Intention-Behavior Gap: Increasing Job Search and Employment through Action Planning” (with Rulof Burger, Eliana Carranza and Patrizio Piraino)
American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 11 (2): 284-301 [paper]

“Unintended Labor Supply Effects of Cash Transfer Programs: Evidence from South Africa’s Old Age Pension” Journal of African Economies (accepted) [paper]

Working Papers:

“Long-run Effects of Forced Resettlement: Evidence from Apartheid South Africa”  Revise and Resubmit – Journal of Economic History [paper]

“The Value of Reference Letters”
(with Rulof Burger and Patrizio Piraino) Revise and Resubmit – American Economic Journal: Applied Economics [paper]

“Labor Market Discrimination and Sorting: Evidence from South Africa” Under Review [paper]

“(De-)Biasing on a Roll: Changing Gambling Behavior through Experiential Learning”
(with Shawn Cole and Bilal Zia), Under Review [paper]

Research in Progress:

“Barriers to Female Labor Force Participation and Employment in Saudi Arabia”
(with Hisham Esper, Rema Hanna and Rohini Pande)

“Overconfidence and Wage Expectations” (with R.Burger, E.Carranza, P.Piraino)